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Welcome to
Our Lives Outdoors

For those that love the outdoors


Providing hints and tips, outdoor products and even an amazing dog shower product to those that have an outdoor interest.


A Bit About Us

OurLivesOutdoors is a community for ALL that experience and love the outdoors from whichever walk of life you are from. Whether you get to enjoy the outdoors for just 5 minutes a day through to those that get a full-time outdoors, then we want you to be part of our community. However you get outdoors and whichever pleasure you get from the outdoors in your own particular way, then we want to hear from you.
EVERYONE is encouraged to share their story, their experience, their hints and tips, their inspirations. As a community we'll open up ideas, that whilst personal to one person, may only be realised by another through SHARING.
We want to hear from you, whether you get to touch the outdoors through work, though leisure, through your home, through your daily routine and ESPECIALLY if you feel that you need some inspiration from the community, before taking your first journey in loving the outdoors.
This group is not about your budget, your level of fitness, your abilities, your mindset, your location, nor your wider choices in life. This is the community for us all to share about how we love Our Lives Outdoors.

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