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Outdoors On Your Doorstep

Sometimes, adventure is right under our nose. With mountains and hills, rivers and coasts, forests and woodlands, we’re pretty spoilt for choice, and there’s never been a better time to enjoy the great outdoors on your doorstep. And if you can’t get out there, who’s to say you can’t find adventure in your own back garden or bring the outdoors in when you need it most? The only thing we love here at #OurLivesOutdoors more than discovering the outdoors, is helping our community group to do the same, with advice born from our groups experiences. If you’re looking for adventure closer to home, here’s a little inspiration from us at #OurLivesOutdoors. We’ve been where you’re going and it’s closer than you think!

Outdoors On Your Doorstep

We believe that people are happier outside, and now more than ever, we want to help everyone to stay healthy and connected to the outdoors. We also want to inspire you to make every outdoor moment count – however small - so we’ll be sharing some of our hints and tips to help you stay connected to the great outdoors, wherever, however and whenever you can. Whether you want to get to know your garden a little better, want to stay active but don’t where to start, or simply need some essentials for a campout in your living room or garden, here’s some advice born from experience and with a little advertising from Cotswold Outdoors (We have no affiliation with them). 

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Camping Indoors

This Endurance Adventure Athlete, Jamie Ramsay has taken on some of the world’s toughest challenges, camping out in some of the harshest conditions on Earth. But when he can’t get out there, Jamie is always looking for ways to keep adventure alive, even if it means pitching up indoors. Here’s Jamie’s video showing him pitching up inside to help inspire you to bring the outdoors in.

Check out this cool video !

Cooking Up A Storm Outdoors: Our Favourite Campfire Recipes

There’s something special about cooking outdoors and we’re firm believers that a meal cooked or even just eaten outside really does taste that much better.

Navigation And Map Reading Tips Our friends at Silva teach the basics of navigation and map-reading - a great way to entertain the kids and teach some valuable skills. This is not just for kids, Adults will learn a thing or too also!

The Best Trees To Grow At Home Celebrate everything our trees give us, and importantly, plant new ones to lay down the roots of a tree-filled future for everyone.

Adventure Films To Keep You Inspired These awe-inspiring films, hand-curated by the organisers of Banff Mountain Film Festival UK, are the perfect way to keep the spirit of adventure alive while staying indoors.

How To Properly Store Your Kit Whether it’s time for your hardworking down jacket’s summer rest, or you won’t be pulling on your walking boots for a while, here’s how to put your kit away the right way.

Tent Care Guide Follow these simple steps to make sure your home under canvas lasts for the many years of adventures it was built for.

How To Have The Ultimate Garden Campout If you’ve left it until the last minute or simply can’t get out there, you don’t have to abandon your hopes of sleeping under the stars. With our expert help, you can still enjoy the full camping experience from the comfort of your own home.

How To Pitch A Tent Like A Pro Whether you’re pitching up at home, on a campsite or on a deserted hillside, here are the basics of pitching a tent and how to make the most of your time under canvas. 

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