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Garden hose 1/2" - Choose either 30 metre or 15 metre

In Choice of colours

Royal GREEN or Royal GOLD colours - 6-layer flexible garden hose with increased resistance to water pressure. It has very durable polyester reinforcement in TFH (Torsion Free Hose) system, minimizing bending and twisting. Made of high-quality PVC materials without toxic substances. 

I layer - inner layer, made of white material
II layer - made of black material, anti-algae
III layer - yellow, made of flexible PVC
IV layer - polyester SPIRAL braid, minimizing hose twisting
V layer - polyester TRICOTAN braid, minimizing hose bending
V I layer - green or gold (dependant on colour choice) with white stripe, made of flexible PVC, resistant to weather conditions

- designed for food contact
- resistant to UV
- anti-algae
- free of cadmium, bar and lead
- perfect usage properties
- working temperature: from -20°C to +60°C
- multiseason hose

Professional Garden Hose - 6 Layer in Green or Gold colour

£17.99 Regular Price
£13.96Sale Price